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Latest GRID confidence assessment
Displacement type Returnees (Stock) New Displacement (Flow) IDPs (Stock)
Reporting units
Media monitoring
Media monitoring
Media monitoring
Geographical disaggregation Unknown Unknown Unknown
Geographical coverage Partial coverage Partial coverage Partial coverage
Frequency of reporting No update Other Other
Disaggregation on sex No No No
Disaggregation on age No No No
Data triangulation No Triangulation No Triangulation Contradictory data
Data on settlement elsewhere No No No
Data on returns No No No
Data on local integration No No No
Data on deaths No No No
Data on births No No No

Latest GRID figures analysis

This figure is based on decaying data related to two caseloads: displacement in Chittagong Hills Tracts and displaced members of the Bihari community. IDMC's research does not support removing these caseloads from the stock as no evidence suggests these IDPs have returned to their place of origin or achieved durable solutions. The estimate for new displacement refers to inter-communal clashes in Chittagong Hills Tracts in June 2017.

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Latest GRID stock figure by year of data update