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Latest GRID confidence assessment
Displacement type IDPs (Stock) New Displacement (Flow)
Reporting units
Key informants
Media monitoring
Media monitoring
Key informants
Geographical disaggregation Subnational - admin 1 Subnational - admin 1
Geographical coverage Partial coverage Partial coverage
Frequency of reporting Other Once a year
Disaggregation on sex Partial Partial
Disaggregation on age No No
Data triangulation Some local triangulation No Triangulation
Data on settlement elsewhere No No
Data on returns Yes Partial
Data on local integration No No
Data on deaths No No
Data on births No No

Latest GRID figures analysis

This estimate is based on a preview of a forthcoming report prepared by a local NGO called the Mexican Commission for the Defense and Protection of Human Rights (CMPDPH). It is worth noting that since the Government of Mexico does not officially recognize the phenomenon of internal displacement, estimates relative to population movements have historically been challenging to produce

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