Publication | 01 January 2003

2003 Appeal and Future Strategy

IDMC Global IDP Project's Appeal for the year 2003.


Publication | 01 August 2002

Why do we need the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement?

This article aims to show how the Guiding Principles have effectively made maximum use of international human rights and humanitarian law


Publication | 01 January 2002

2002 Appeal and Three-year Strategy

The Global IDP Project's combined annual appeal for the year 2002 and multi-year strategy.


Publication | 01 January 2002

2001 Activity Report

The Global IDP Project's Activity Report for the year 2001.


Publication | 01 August 1998

OCHA Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement

The international standards for the protection and assistance of internally displaced peoplel, the UN's Guiding Principles are available to download from IDMC in English and French


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