Profile of Internal Displacement: Burundi

Large-scale political and communal violence has plagued Burundi since 1993, following the assassination of President Melchior Ndadaye. The current President, Major Buyoya, took power in a military coup in 1996. In response to the coup, governments of neighboring states imposed an economic embargo. The embargo was lifted in January 1999, after Buyoya agreed to a power sharing agreement in the National Assembly and began negotiations for a peace settlement with opposing parties and armed opposition groups.

07 December 2000 | Country Profile


Internal Displacement in Burundi

Population displacement, which has been a regular feature of communal violence in Burundi since 1993, now affects more than 670,000 persons or about 10% of the total population. Most of the long-term displaced are living in the 320 sites throughout the country.

30 June 2000 | Country Profile


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